Driving in Mauritius is fun and easy. But it could get a little frustrating, especially if you are driving in Port-Louis, its capital city, during the peak hours. Here in Mauritius, we drive on the left side of the road and all the steering wheels of every vehicles are positioned on the right hand side.

The roads are well maintained and there are signs throughout the island that makes it very easy to navigate around.  However, we would highly recommend tourists to use a GPS, as it would save a lot of time and make the journey more relaxed. Several car rentals company provide their customers with GPS.

Like most countries, there are speed limits, and they vary in the villages and the cities. We highly recommend that you drive accordingly, as the same rule and regulations regarding speed limits applies here in Mauritius too – Whatever happens is your responsibility and accidents could happen to anyone, so whatever you do is at your own risk. Please do obey all the road signs as the speed limit is enforced and drinking and driving is strictly prohibited.

Tips: We suggest you drive slowly for your own safety and also to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery the island has to offer. Remember, you are on an island so take your time and unwind.