Located at the Caudan Waterfront in the capital of Mauritius, the Blue Penny Museum preserves the history and art of the island with a rich collection of coins, statues and artwork. The Museum itself was founded by the Commercial Bank of Mauritius in 2001.

Take the time to peruse the selection of aquatic marine maps, paintings, sculptures, engravings, and pennies stamps dated back in the 18th century. The museum is foreby home of the original statue of Paul and Virginie sculpted back in 1881 – Paul & Virginie was a true Love story written by the famous novelist ‘Jacques – Henri Bernardin de Saint Pierre”. The statue was carved by a Mauritian sculptor ‘Prosper d’Épinay’ later in 1884.

For Stamps lovers, a visit is a must, keeping in mind that the stamps are considered to be the most valuable on the island. The stamps were originally printed in 1847 and only 18 out of the 27 specimens remains in collection at the Blue Penny Museum. After almost 150 years the stamps was brought back to the island for a extortionate $ 2,000,000.

These famous stamps were issued by the British colony of Mauritius. The remaining specimens are today the property of the Royal Philatelic Collection of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the British Library, the Postal Museums in Hague and Stockholm, the Blue Penny Museum of Mauritius and a number of very lucky private collectors.