Born out of the pain and suffering of slavery, the Traditional Sega dance is still played in its most traditional form, originating in the 18th century. The Sega dance is performed at its most vibrant in hotels and local restaurants throughout the island to share the nation’s rich history and culture.

There is no better way to experience the local culture of Mauritius than with a typical Mauritian Sega dance along with a candlelit dinner in a romantic restaurant. Dressed in colorful full-length skirts, the dancers stroll and sway to a hot pounding rhythm of traditional instruments such as the Ravanne, a wooden hoop over which a piece of goat skin has been stretched, and the triangle, a triangular rod of metal which tinkles when tapped with an iron rod. With their animated movements, the dancers keep pace with the ever-increasing tempo using graceful hand and arm motions while their feet shuffle along the ground.

The colourful and vibrant Mauritian dance will unleash your romantic streak and heighten your emotions. You are guaranteed to have the urge to stand up, let your hair down and join in as the Sega is an infectious rapid rhythmic movement with pulsating drumbeats that are irresistible.

*Photo Credit > Mauritius Tourism