Top 10 Waterfalls In Mauritius

More commonly talked about for the numerous beautiful pearly and sandy beaches, Mauritius is also known to be the home of some of the most magnificent naturally occurring waterfalls in the Indian Ocean region. 

Some are simply accessible by public transport or rental cars whereas others require a more adventurous spirit as well as several minutes of hiking before reaching their freshwaters. Whichever way you decide to take, the end view of the water caressing the smooth stones and flowing into a natural pool is certainly the greatest of sights to behold. 

To facilitate the planning of your holidays, we have compiled a list of the best and highly recommended waterfalls which are some of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Here are the most beautiful waterfalls in Mauritius:

  1. Chamarel Falls
  2. Rochester Falls
  3. The 7 Waterfalls
  4. Eau Bleue Waterfall
  5. Alexandra Falls
  6. Exil Falls
  7. Grand River South East Waterfall
  8. Eureka Falls
  9. Cascade 500 Pieds
  10. Mare aux Joncs

Sourced by the river of St Denis, Chamarel Falls flows as the highest waterfall of the island. Nestled into the valleys of Black River Gorges, Chamarel Falls is surrounded by lush green forests rich in endemic life, hence providing a mesmerising hike for visitors. 

1. Chamarel Falls

There are 2 viewpoints from which one can enjoy the view of Chamarel Falls. The first one is a high viewpoint of the lands of Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth Reserve, from which you can take a shine to the splendiferous of the waterfall at far. The second viewpoint is actually at the foot, where the water comes crashing down onto the polished rocks, producing a mystical and relaxing natural ambiance. 

Waterfalls in Mauritius - Chamarel Falls

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2. Rochester Falls

Featuring gigantic rectangular blocks smoothened by years of heavy currents striking on them, Rochester Falls is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions of Mauritius. This sui generis cascade has even been used, owing to its amazing beauty, as a shooting location for several films.

Rochester falls - Savanne Mauritius

Hidden in the lush greeneries of Souillac, Rochester Falls is easily accessible by car. Do not forget to bring your swimming trunks, since a refreshing plunge in the crystal clear waters of the waterfall is something no one would ever want to miss. 

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3. The 7 Waterfalls

Also commonly known as Tamarind Falls, The 7 Waterfalls is a constant stream of water that follows a path riddled with several deep plunges, hence resulting in its name. Famous for its beautiful forests and nature trails, the seven waterfalls usually require an extremely fun and educational hike to access the waterfalls. 

The 7 waterfalls are located within the Black River Gorges National Park in southwestern Mauritius, next to the small village of Henrietta. While some hiking trails are easy, some can be quite demanding. But don’t worry we are here to guide you.

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4. Eau Bleue Waterfall

Treasured in a tiny village going by the name of Cluny, Eau Bleue is one the main reasons for which one can imagine calling Mauritius “Heaven on Earth”. Enclosed by nothing but sugar cane fields and bright green vegetation, one is simply not able to help themselves from standing in awe of the mystical and pure beauty of this waterfall. 

Eau Bleue secret Waterfall

Simply reached by means of a vehicle and a short walk, Eau Bleue is the perfect place for you to sit still for hours and connect with nature. Swim in the bright blue waters from which the waterfall draws its name and bask in the sunlight as you breathe in the perfect earthy scent of Mother Nature. 

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5. Alexandra Falls

Alexandra falls is yet another waterfall attesting to the amazing natural beauty Mauritius possesses. Found within the grounds of Black River Gorges National park, the viewpoint leading to its inspiring scenery can easily be reached by means of a car or for the more adventurous through a gruelling yet entertaining trail. 

Alexandra Falls Waterfall Mauritius

The surroundings are densely populated with some of the rarest Mauritian species ranging from thickly trunked trees to majestically beautiful birds such as the pink pigeon or the Mauritius Parakeet. This location is the perfect place to spend a few relaxing moments away from the usual hustle bustle of life.  

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6. Exil Falls

Within a small pocket of nature in the southern tip of Mauritius, flows the Savanna river down 2 steep drops of 20m and 25m, called Leon and Cascade Cecile respectively, into pools surrounded by nothing but greenery and animals. 

Exil Waterfalls Mauritius
Image Credit: Exil Lodge

Reaching these waterfalls necessitates some hiking skills, but the end result is worth much more any effort you will put in. Frolic in the natural pools at the foot of the falls and feel the excitement of the waterfall dropping on your shoulder as you enjoy one of the best places on the island. 

7. Grand River South East Waterfall

The waterfalls of GRSE are considered as not only one of the most beautiful ones of Mauritius but is also an extremely popular tourist destination which many consider an essential during their visit. Entailing passage through the tricky and treacherous terrains, the hike leading to GRSE is definitely challenging yet simultaneously extremely exciting. 

Ile aux Cerfs - GRSE waterfall

As you approach the falls, you will first be welcomed by the sudden shift in the scenery from blue to greenish coloured waters surrounded by lively vegetation and the soothing sound of water hitting rocks from a height, before you standing bewildered in front of the amazing view. 

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8. Eureka Waterfall

Part of the property of the Eureka Mansion, which in itself is an amazing place worth visiting, is Eureka Waterfalls, which serves as a further embellishment of the already exquisite gardens of the mansion. 

Eureka Waterfalls Mauritius
Image Credit: Eureka House

Found at the end of a small steep path, surrounded by the awe-worthy garden plants, flows 4 waterfalls which make up the Eureka Falls. You will find yourself in a small peaceful pocket of vibrant earthly beauty which you can enjoy by walking around and feasting your eyes on or even better by jumping in the pool for a cool and refreshing swim. Moreover, this waterfall is brimming with both herbal and animal life. 

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9. Cascade 500 Pieds

Owing its name to the height from which the waterfalls, 500 feet (150m), cascades des 500 pieds is another waterfall flowing within the Black River Gorges National Park, albeit one which is not as popular as the other ones on this list. This only plays into your advantage as it means you can enjoy the whole experience without any disturbance. 

Cascade 500 pieds Mauritius

Consisting of a moderately difficult downhill hike of about 2 km, the journey to Cascade des 500 pieds is a very exhilarating adventure, which is highly rewarded by the beauteousness of the destination. 

10. Mare Aux Joncs Waterfall

One of the less commonly known waterfalls on this list, Mare Aux Joncs is situated in the Black River Gorges National Park. Access to this waterfall is gained after a rather taxing hike of 4.5 km one way but after which you will find yourself alone amidst the nature of Mauritius in its purest form. 

The beauty and relaxation found at the foot of Mare Aux Joncs is worth 10 times the hike required to get there.

So there you have it: a top 10 list of the best waterfalls in Mauritius. We hope you have the time to enjoy as much you can during your stay. If you have any questions about waterfalls or any Tourism Information about Mauritius, feel free to call us on (00230) 5 930 6406 or email us on [email protected]