If you’ve come searching for the best water-sports in Mauritius you must already be aware of the vast and heavenly turquoise waters which are waiting for you on your holiday.

 And if just relaxing on the beach as your eyes are touched with the magnificent view beheld in front of you and breathing in the salty air is not enough for you, you must be the kind of searching for more adventurous ways to spend your holidays. Well, fear not, Mauritius is not only famous for its lagoons but also the various adventures which can be experienced within its lagoon and sometimes even out of it. 

So, here is a list of the 10 best aquatic sports which Mauritius has to offer:


1. Parasailing

You probably already must have seen it somewhere on the tv, when a person is having the time of his life with a parachute strapped to his back and a boat pulling him forward at a high speed. The strong push of the wind on your face, the exhilaration for the speed at which you are travelling and just the mere bird’s eye view you can have at the height you will be, will etch into your memory some of the most memorable times of your life. 

Why you should experience it: Parasailing is one utterly satisfying water-sport, especially in the context of Mauritius; jumbled with excitement and adrenaline while being able to enjoy privileged panoramic views at all times.

2. Waterski

Waterski in Mauritius

This sport is somewhat similar in concept to parasailing, but minus the parachute. Your feet will be on a pair of water ski board and you should be holding a cable attached to the back of a boat. A good tip would be to hold said cable firmly, as you would be going really fast. It might be difficult at first to find your balance but once you get the hang of it, you’re in for the moment of your life. For you, adrenaline junkies out there, the sheer speed and risk in this sport, make it perfect for you. 

Why you should experience it: water-ski is a sport that demands good physical conditions and some pretty quick reflexes too. We won’t even mention a good balance, because that’s key here. But as you slide on the dazzling blue waters, it all comes together for an adrenaline-packed experience.

3. Kayaking

If high octane is not for you, then this calm sport should be yours. At first glance, it might only seem as simply paddling around, and if this does not attract you, then the places where the paddling will take you should really do the job. With the kayaks, you will be able to go into stunning caves and alcoves discovering gorgeous basalt rock gardens. Your eyes are in for a treat. 

Why you should experience it: unlike water-ski, kayaking does not demand a lot of skills or strength. You just sit in tight and within minutes you will be happily paddling your way through the mangroves. And what better decor to experience this than Ile d’Ambre?

4. Whale Watching

Whale watching in Mauritius

Maybe you aren’t really into physically exerting yourself during your holidays and just want to spend the greatest time while sitting back. Whale watching is the way to go. You’ll only have to board a boat early in the morning and head out of the lagoon. It might take some time to finally come upon a whale, but when you finally do the mighty creature will take your breath away. 

Why you should experience this activity: Hop on a boat to go to see these gentle giants is an activity to do with family members of all ages and one that offers an incredible educational experience.

5. Deep-Sea Fishing

Blue Marlin Big Game Fishing Mauritius

For the fishing enthusiasts out there, this is your sport. Just sitting back on a boat, a fishing rod standing one hand, a can of beer in the other, the blue colour of the sea reflecting on your face and the smell of salt hanging in the air, what can be more important?

Why you should experience this activity: Because it is a truly mesmerizing moment fighting against the ocean’s greatest predators or that feeling of returning to land with your catch, it is something you will be proud of for the rest of your life. Oh, did we mention that priceless souvenir photo with your catch?

6. Undersea Walk

Undersea walk in Mauritius

Feet on the sea bed, body surrounded by numerous fish of a plethora of colours producing a beauteous view. This is what undersea walk has to offer. It is probably the best underwater experience you can have with the aquatic fauna and flora. And for couples, this is also the most romantic aquatic sport, so be sure not to miss it. 

Why you should experience this activity: Because Mauritius is one of the rare countries offering the possibility to undersea walking. Add to it one of the most flourishing aquatic ecosystem of the Indian Ocean, it becomes a definitive not to miss experience!

7. Blue Safari Submarine

Blue Safari Submarine diving with children Mauritius

Maybe you want to dive deep into the waters and experience life under the sea for yourself, but you are afraid of diving, unable to swim or are just not willing to get wet, the Blue Safari Submarine is here to save you. Take a tour of the seafloor of Mauritius and feast your eyes upon the coral reefs and even a shipwreck. 

Why you should experience this activity: Because whether you are traveling with kids, with elder one, on honeymoon, or on a rainy day, Blue Safari Submarine is always a good choice.

8. Sea Kart

Sea Kart Mauritius

This activity is for those who like the blood rush from high speeds but also would prefer to be the one to manoeuvre the vehicle. This one is pretty dangerous, but if you are able to muster up the courage and take on the challenge, expect the most exhilarating time of your life.

Why you should experience this activity: Sea Kart also known as sea hover offers an exciting and quick way to discover the dazzlingly warm and placid lagoons surrounding Mauritius.

9. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Mauritius

Well, you can’t talk about water sports without mentioning the most popular and old one of them. Take a trip down to the depths of the lagoons to observe the plants and animals in their colourfully buoyant home. Even if you are not able to swim, it is still possible to dive, however the ability to swim allows you to get the most out of this wonderful experience. 

Why you should experience this activity: You don’t need to be a professional or seasonal diver to experience scuba diving in Mauritius. You will be provided a PADI diving license before you board the boat. As you probably know, diving is one of the most incredible experiences that exist. But did you know that Mauritius is home two world-class diving spots? La Cathedrale and Snake Reef. If you want an adrenaline rush through the veins, try diving with ild sharks off the northern coast.

10. Underwater Scooter

Submarine scooter ride Mauritius

Imagine riding a scooter. Now imagine riding a scooter underwater. This is exactly what Underwater Scooter is. Travel through and relish your eyes upon the blue world beneath the sea. This one is highly recommended for the couples out there as it can be really romantic. 

Why you should experience this activity: It is the perfect way to move around under the sea. It is completely safe for you and the underwater creatures. Plus you do not need any special training to ride an underwater scooter.

Now that you are geared with all the knowledge you need; you are ready to spend the most memorable time of your life in Mauritius. Contact UNWIND Mauritius to manage and book all your activities, to make your stay in Mauritius bursting with fun and good moments without unnecessary stress and hassle.