Takamaka Winery

Discover the unique world of Takamaka Winery, where they redefine winemaking with boldness, expertise, and joy. Situated in the heart of Mauritius, the winery stands out from the traditional vineyards by crafting exceptional wines from a distinctive ingredient: lychees.

While it may not adhere to age-old traditions or historic vineyard plots, Takamaka prides themselves on offering an experience that’s both innovative and authentic. Their commitment lies in surprising you with the origin and originality of the lychee wines, sourced from the finest orchards across Mauritius, renowned for their exceptional terroir.

From the meticulous selection of fruits to the precise fermentation process, each step in the winemaking journey is infused with care and attention to detail. Hand-peeled lychees undergo a rigorous selection before being carefully fermented in thermo-regulated vats, ensuring that every bottle captures the rich aromas and flavors of this tropical fruit.

At Takamaka Winery, they don’t just craft wine – they are dreamers who prioritize environmental stewardship. Rainwater is used for vat cleaning, and solid parts are composted to fertilize the orchards, showcasing our commitment to sustainability. Join us on a journey to discover the enchanting flavors of lychee wines in Mauritius, where each sip transports you to a paradise found between the West of the Sun and the East of the Moon.