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A paradise for water enthusiasts, beach and golf lovers.

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Situated off the southwest coast of Mauritius, Île aux Bénitiers, also known as Benitiers Island, is a well-loved tourist spot. It’s known for a delightful excursion to see Crystal Rock in the middle of the lagoon, just 500 meters from La Gaulette. 

A breathtaking rock formation elegantly poised in the midst of the ocean, just about 200 meters from the shore. As the surrounding mountains gracefully cast their shadows, the scene unfolds into a visual symphony. This natural masterpiece is more than just a visual delight; it serves as a testament to the geological marvels that set our island apart.

As you approach Benitiers, you’ll notice these cool black rocks along the shore that kind of look like clam shells, adding a poetic touch to the island’s name. Riding a small boat through these super clear waters feels like you’re part of something special. Each gentle wave against the shore builds up excitement, making you feel connected to the untouched beauty of this little gem.

Nowadays, Île aux Bénitiers is more about being a natural getaway. People come here for the stunning views, peaceful vibes, and fun activities rather than for its historical significance. It’s a place to enjoy the calm, see-through waters, and soak in the awesome backdrop of Le Morne Mountain.

Every wave whispers paradise!

A natural paradise known for its beauty and clear waters. Spot dolphins and whales on the scenic trip to Benitiers Island.


Enjoy the scenic beauty

The island is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, making it a favorite spot for tourists seeking a peaceful and stunning setting. The view of Le Morne Mountain from the island adds to its natural beauty. The sea is usually calm and not too deep, making the boat journey between the mainland and Benitiers Island a peaceful experience. The landscape is a mix of white sandy beaches, blue-green waters, and rugged dark rocks, creating a simple yet breathtaking scene. The backdrop of Le Morne Mountain enhances its natural charm. 

Sunsets hold a special place in our hearts, especially in the West – a region renowned for its breathtaking sunsets! We cherish the chance to witness this daily spectacle, always captivated by the uniqueness of each evening sky. Picture yourself on a boat in the lagoon, savoring the sunset; feel free to bring your own favorite aperitif and picnic, or let us organize it for you. And if the idea of a sunset paired with dinner on Île aux Bénitiers intrigues you, consider it done – we’re here to create that magical experience for you.


Dolphin watching excursion

  • Our early dolphin watching adventure, starts at 6 am to be part of the first wave of boats at sea.
  • Experience the thrill of observing dolphins from the boat or take the plunge into the water, provided it’s done with utmost care to avoid disturbing these incredible creatures.
  • Discover the magic of encountering dolphins in their natural habitat, often close to the serene shores where the water remains calm.
  • Seize the opportunity to swim with dolphins, but keep in mind that this enchanting interaction is limited to the early hours, concluding at 9 am.
  • We offer to extend your adventure with optional snorkeling at the mesmerizing coral reef, adding an extra layer of excitement to your experience (additional charge applies).
  • Your morning escapade concludes around 9 am, leaving you with unforgettable memories. 

On board, we will provide you with pastries and soft drinks. While we provide fins, masks, and snorkels on board, feel free to bring your own gear for a more personalized touch.



Our tailored tours lead you to the captivating reef just 2km off the shores of Ile aux Bénitiers, providing an unparalleled snorkeling experience. While the primary spot boasts the best snorkeling in the region, our expert guides might unveil hidden gems in nearby areas for a more personalized adventure.

Nestled on the inner side of the reef within the lagoon, this exclusive spot is shielded by a majestic coral reef, ensuring a tranquil sea environment. Even on windier days, the protective nature of the reef minimizes disturbances, offering a serene snorkeling experience. Delve into waters with a mild temperament, averaging between 1m and 2.50m, enhancing your immersion into the lagoon’s aquatic wonders.


Mauritian Sega Dance

Don’t miss the chance to witness and partake in the traditional Mauritian Sega dance—a lively folkloric ritual inherited from Madagascar. Revel in the islanders’ expression of joy and zest for life through this captivating dance, accompanied by the traditional beats of the Ravanne, Triangle, and Maravanne instruments. Join the celebration and experience the rich cultural tapestry of Mauritius!

If you’re eager to experience the charm of Île aux Bénitiers, we recommend booking one of the available boat tours in advance. This island is a highly popular attraction, and securing your spot early ensures you won’t miss out on its beauty.



Immerse yourself in an exquisite culinary experience as you feast on a delectable barbecue lunch on the breathtaking Ile aux Benitiers.

Delight your taste buds with the rich flavors of freshly grilled seafood, local delicacies, and a refreshing array of beverages, creating a symphony of tastes that perfectly complements the stunning surroundings.

Unwind on the pristine, white sandy beaches, basking in the warm embrace of the sun and relishing the serene ambiance of this tropical paradise. Take leisurely strolls along the shore, allowing the gentle waves to kiss your feet, or simply surrender to the moment, absorbing the breathtaking views that surround you. Ile aux Benitiers isn’t just an island; it’s a canvas of indulgence waiting for you to paint your own memorable experience.

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