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“Ile aux Cerfs” or Deer Island stands out as one of Mauritius’ most magnificent destinations, cradled by a lagoon boasting pristine waters and white sandy beaches—an irresistible invitation to relaxation and leisure. For those with a passion for speed and adrenaline, Unwind Mauritius highly recommends Deer Island as a must-try activity during your stay with us! 



In the heart of the 1970s, Ile aux Cerfs experienced a revival, infused with the spirit of tourism. The iconic Le Touessrok hotel, now Shangri-La, took flight in 1978, etching its place as a premier tourist haven. Back then, visitors delighted in reaching the islet via traditional canoes, immersing themselves in activities like swimming, picnics, and campfire gatherings. The legendary experience included feasts of freshly caught fish, succulent lobsters, and delightful sea urchins.

The island underwent a modernization wave in 1985, propelling it to new heights. Infused with water sports, beachfront restaurants, and a dedicated team, Ile aux Cerfs swiftly transformed into a magnificent site, earning its status as Mauritius’ most frequented destination. By the 1990s, the Ministry of Tourism tallied nearly 550,000 annual visitors, securing its place on global promotional posters by the Mauritian Tourist Office.

As the ultimate weekend retreat, Ile aux Cerfs continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Mauritian families, remaining a cherished leisure spot for generations.

Wild Elegance Unleashed

Discover a captivating island haven renowned for its immaculate beaches, turquoise waters, and an abundance of golf and watersport activities.


Enjoy the white sandy beaches 

Take a moment to immerse yourself in the beauty of the lagoon and beach. While Ile aux Cerfs offers an array of activities, from water sports to savoring local cuisine and snorkeling, start by relishing the serenity of this private island. Capture the magic during low tide when hidden sandbars emerge – a rare and picturesque moment waiting for your lens! – be sure to have your camera ready!

Snorkeling and Sea Walking

Dive into the enchanting marine world of Ile aux Cerfs, where vibrant coral reefs house a kaleidoscope of exotic fish like blacktip groupers, blue stripe snappers, and sunbream. Whether you opt for snorkeling in the shallows or the unique adventure of undersea walking, tread gently to preserve the delicate coral ecosystem beneath. Uncover the secrets of Mauritius’ underwater paradise at Ile aux Cerfs!


Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit! Discover a world of exhilarating watersports at Ile aux Cerfs! From heart-pounding jet skiing and parasailing to the serenity of paddleboarding, banana rides and kayaking, there’s a water adventure for every mood. Feel the rush as you zip across the turquoise lagoon on a high-speed tube ride or explore the vibrant underwater life with snorkeling. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping excitement or a leisurely aquatic escape, Ile aux Cerfs invites you to make a splash and create unforgettable memories on its pristine shores. Dive into the thrill of the ocean and let the watersports excitement begin!


Experience Golfing Paradise: Unveiling the crown jewel of golf in Mauritius, Ile aux Cerfs stands tall as the haven for golf enthusiasts. Whether you’re bonding with business partners or indulging in a personal golf escape, this pristine island offers the perfect retreat.

The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, an exclusive 19-hole masterpiece designed by Bernhard Langer, spans approximately 38 hectares of captivating landscape. With unique topography featuring volcanic rocks, lakes, and gullies, the course provides a challenging yet scenic backdrop. Immerse yourself in the joy of golf as you play amidst the stunning surroundings, with glimpses of the sea in the distance. Recognized by Golf World Magazine as one of the most breathtaking golf courses globally, Ile aux Cerfs promises an unforgettable golfing experience.


A thrill for both kids and adults! Ideal for anyone aged 4 and above, this adventure boasts diverse tracks for playful exploration. Experience the excitement of zip-lining, traversing bridges, navigating strings, conquering tightrope walks, tackling suspended flying trapeze, and scaling nets – all amidst the captivating backdrop of the East Course lagoon. Ziplining takes center stage, offering an adrenaline-fueled journey through the scenic beauty of Ile aux Cerfs. Get ready for an elevated adventure!

Mauritian Sega Dance

Don’t miss the chance to witness and partake in the traditional Mauritian Sega dance—a lively folkloric ritual inherited from Madagascar. Revel in the islanders’ expression of joy and zest for life through this captivating dance, accompanied by the traditional beats of the Ravanne, Triangle, and Maravanne instruments. Join the celebration and experience the rich cultural tapestry of Mauritius!




The exclusive Bubble Lodges

Spending the night at Ile aux Cerfs is now possible with the unique experience of sleeping in bubble accommodations. Your passport to a romantic and unique stay in the heart of nature, making your escape to this tropical paradise an unforgettable experience. The newly introduced Bubble Lodges offer a one-of-a-kind, romantic, and exclusive accommodation on the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Island, providing a unique opportunity to spend the night almost in the midst of nature.

The elegant Bubble Lodges are extremely comfortable and surprisingly spacious, with a lounge area, cozy bedroom, washroom, and an open-sky shower. Tastefully decorated in earthy tones and natural fabrics, each unit features a sofa bed suitable for up to 2 children (12 years old max).

To enhance your extraordinary experience, a dedicated butler service is at your disposal for all your needs. Celebrate special moments with a beachside or private garden dinner, creating timeless memories.

As a privileged guest of the Bubble Lodges, enjoy exclusive access to the private beach and complimentary greenfees on the “must-play” championship Golf Course designed by Bernhard Langer.

Designed with minimal environmental impact, the eco-friendly Bubble Lodges on Ile aux Cerfs are admired by nature lovers. A stay here ensures a complete connection with the stunning tropical surroundings, offering a refreshing escape from your daily routine, leaving you with a revitalized mind and body.



Ile aux Cerfs boasts an array of exquisite dining options, showcasing delectable Mauritian and international cuisines. The majority of these culinary delights are situated in the northern part of the island, providing unique experiences like beachfront dining, allowing you to relish your meal on the white sand while gazing at the mesmerizing turquoise sea.

Another restaurant serves great selections of pizza with famous Mauritian rum cocktails. The iconic Ti Punch, a simple Mauritian cocktail, is crafted to highlight the essence of rum. Mixed with sugar cane syrup or brown sugar, the Ti Punch promises a robust taste of summer on the island. With a local rum factory, you’re encouraged to explore adventurous rum choices.

For a more intimate lunch experience with your loved ones, visit a restaurant that offers meals on sunbeds facing the coast. The establishment features an impressive selection of seafood, including giant prawns, mussels, and calamari. The private butler is at your service, providing all the recommendations you need.

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