Eco Travel

Escape to a greener side of Mauritius, where your footsteps weave a story of eco-conscious exploration, ensuring nature’s beauty endures for generations to come.

Embark on a deeply personal and eco-friendly adventure in Mauritius with Unwind Mauritius as your trusted guide. Nestled in the heart of the island’s eco-treasures, Unwind Mauritius invites you to discover the pristine Vallée de Ferney, a sanctuary of biodiversity where conservation efforts flourish. Stay in eco-friendly accommodations that echo our commitment to sustainable travel, ensuring every aspect of your journey leaves a positive impact.

Embark on an adventure with Unwind Mauritius as you explore nature reserves like Black River Gorges National Park and the untouched beauty of Vallée de Ferney. Our expert-guided tours not only showcase the island’s biodiversity but also share a passion for conservation. Engage in responsible water activities to support marine ecosystems, and choose sustainable transportation to explore the wonders of the island with a smaller carbon footprint.

Immerse yourself in the local culture through community-based tourism, savoring authentic experiences and contributing directly to the livelihoods of the Mauritian community. Vallée de Ferney becomes more than a nature reserve; it becomes a shared space where you connect with the environment on a personal level, leaving a legacy of responsible travel.

Your journey with Unwind Mauritius is an intimate exploration of Mauritius’ natural beauty, a commitment to conservation, and a celebration of the island’s unique culture. Join us as we redefine travel, one eco-friendly step at a time, and create lasting memories that resonate with purpose and connection.

Top 6 hikes in Mauritius

Plant Your Love: Leave a lasting legacy in our endemic forest.

Every love tree tells a story, what will be yours?

Whether you are on your honeymoon or just want to remind your partner, friend, mother or father, just how special they are, come and plant a love tree at Ebony Forest. You will be helping save endangered species and offset your carbon footprint all in the name of love.


  • Plant and personalize your own indigenous love tree.
  • Explore the forest on a guided 4 x 4 jeep tour or hiking.
  • Take home a memorable Ebony Forest gift as a memento of your special day.
  • Traverse a 300 m elevated walkway for a guided tour through an ancient ebony forest.
  • Convey your emotions through a written note, adding a personal touch to your experience.
  • Indulge in local beverages and Mauritian snacks amidst the romantic ambiance of Sublime Point.

Mauritius' Nature Treasures

Ecological Odyssey: Embarking on the trails of Black River Gorges or the coastal haven of Bras d’Eau in Mauritius feels like stepping into my own nature-inspired story. The intimate charm of Île aux Aigrettes, where endemic species thrive, resonates with the island’s unique heartbeat.

Marine protected area

  • Blue Bay Marine Park: Southeast coast, vibrant coral reefs, popular for snorkeling and glass-bottom boat tours.
  • Balaclava Marine Park: Northwest coast, home to various coral species, contributes to regional marine conservation.
  • Flat Island Marine Park: North of Mauritius, preserves natural beauty and biodiversity, offers snorkeling and bird watching.
  • Île aux Cerfs Marine Park: Protects marine environment on a well-known tourist destination.
  • La Preneuse Marine Park: West coast, includes La Preneuse coral reef, supports various marine species.

Savor Grandma’s kitchen and consider a table d’hote experience for genuine Mauritian flavors and warm hospitality!

Discover the artistic side of our community by choosing locally crafted treasures with the Made in Moris label.

Explore eco-certified hotels on the island, over 40 of them making a positive impact in sustainable tourism.

Top 6 hikes to do in Mauritius

#1 Ebony Forest

Best hidden forest hike 3.7 miles (6km) round trip, 2-3 hours, easy

#2 Black River Gorges

Longest hike 12 miles (19.5km)  round trip, 6.5 hours, easy to strenuous (includes several hikes in one)

#3 Ferney Valley

Best easy hike for families 
3 miles (5km) round trip, 2 hours, easy

#4 Le Morne Brabant

Best mountain hike for views
4.3 miles (7km) round trip, 3-5 hours, moderate

#5 Tamarin Falls

Best waterfall hike 
3 miles (5km) round trip, 3-4 hours, moderate

#6 Le Pouce

Best easy mountain hike
2.8 miles (4.5km) round trip, 2-3 hours, easy

Natural Marvels

Mauritius’s natural wonders attract nature enthusiasts and travelers in search of distinctive and breathtaking experiences, making it a sought-after destination.

Hiking Trail - La Vallée de Ferney

5 km route

18 km route

13 km route

Time: 1 to 1.5 hoursDifficulty: EasyElevation Gain: 75mStart by 2:00 pm at the latest

Duration: 3.5 hours to 4 hours Level: medium. Total ascent: 530m Start at latest 12.00 pm

Experience the enchanting La Vallée de Ferney, a 200-hectare forest reserve in the Bambou Mountain range. Home to native Mauritian flora and fauna, including the kestrel bird, this Unwind Mauritius adventure offers personalized nature experiences—choose from strolls, walks, or technical courses.

Duration: 5 hours – 6 hours Level: difficult. Total ascent: 970m Start at latest 11.30 am