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Le Morne, Mauritius
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Unleash the thrill of kitesurfing amidst the stunning backdrop of the south-western lagoon of Mauritius, nestled at the base of the majestic Morne Brabant and its awe-inspiring landscapes!

Kitesurfing isn’t just a water sport here—it’s an exhilarating journey into the heart of adventure. Set against the backdrop of Le Morne in Mauritius, where the winds dance from 5 to 10 knots stronger than anywhere else on the island, our lagoon is the ultimate playground for beginners and seasoned pros alike. At Le Morne Kite School, we offer intimate group lessons with a maximum of two people per instructor, ensuring personalized attention and top-notch instruction in an environment blessed with optimal conditions and water temperatures ranging from 23 to 27°C throughout the year.

Embark on your kitesurfing odyssey in a setting that’s as safe as it is spirited, where progress is inevitable and the vibe is always upbeat! On average, it takes between 6 to 10 hours of expert guidance from our seasoned instructors to master the art of kitesurfing and ride the waves independently. Whether you’re a newbie eager to get your feet wet or a seasoned rider looking to elevate your skills with tricks and techniques in Freestyle or Wave, our instructors tailor each session to your level and aspirations. The only thing left to do is to dive in and let the adrenaline take over!

For Beginners:

Your journey into kitesurfing begins at our spot nestled just south of the tip of Le Morne—a serene bay tailor-made for learning the ropes.

Lessons kick off with theory and safety protocols, ensuring you’re equipped with the essential knowledge and skills for a safe and enjoyable ride. From mastering kite setup and control to analyzing wind conditions and navigating the water, our comprehensive approach ensures you’re primed for success. As you progress, you’ll dive into kite control exercises, honing your piloting skills and building confidence in the water. And when you’re ready, it’s time to hit the board, perfect your tacks, and maybe even take flight with your first jumps!


Package Option 1: KiteBoarding Course 3 

Experience the thrill of kiteboarding with our personalized 1-on-1 3-hour course, tailor-made for beginners eager to delve into this exhilarating water sport. Over the duration of the session, you’ll master essential skills including kite setup, power control, and safe navigation in varying wind conditions. Our expert instructors will guide you through every step, from launching and landing the kite to practicing body dragging—an essential technique for maneuvering through the water. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll possess a solid foundation in kiteboarding fundamentals, empowering you to command the kite with confidence and embark on your kiteboarding journey with ease.

Inclusions: 1 Student per Instructor | All equipment included* | 2x 1.5hour beginner lessons

Price: 325€ / Person


Package Option 2: KiteBoarding Course 6 

The highly sought-after 1-on-1 6-hour kiteboarding course is ideal for individuals with prior kiteboarding experience or those who have completed our 3-hour introductory course. Throughout this comprehensive session, you’ll delve deeper into the sport, mastering the art of waterstarting—transitioning from kite control to riding the board in both directions. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll be well on your way to confidently controlling both kite and board, executing smooth waterstarts in both directions, and initiating rides upwind. Embark on your kiteboarding journey and elevate your skills with our expert guidance and personalized instruction.

Inclusions: 1 Student per Instructor | All equipment included* | 3x 2hour lessons (Multiple days)

Price: 575€ / Person


Package Option 3: KiteBoarding Course 10

Our exclusive 1-on-1 10-hour kiteboarding course is tailored for individuals eager to elevate their kiteboarding skills to new heights. Whether you’re a novice or have some experience, this comprehensive package is designed to propel you towards becoming an independent kiteboarder. From mastering the fundamentals to riding comfortably in both directions, this course covers it all. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll feel confident in your ability to ride in both directions, navigate upwind, and begin practicing turns. Plus, benefit from 2 hours of advanced coaching by our seasoned instructors, ensuring you receive personalized guidance every step of the way. Take your kiteboarding journey to the next level with our immersive 10-hour course.

Inclusions: 1 Student per Instructor | All equipment included* | 4x 2hour lessons (Multiple days) | 1x 2hour Advanced Coaching

Price: 899€ / Person


For Experienced Kiters:

For seasoned riders, Le Morne lagoon offers an expansive playground of turquoise flatwaters and challenging waves, catering to both freestyle/freeride enthusiasts and wave aficionados. With three reef waves nearby—Little Reef, One Eye, and Manawa—thrilling adventures await those craving the rush of the waves. Whether you’re tackling the tubular waves of One Eye or conquering the vast swells of Manawa, the waters of Le Morne beckon you to ride the waves of adventure like never before!


  • 1 Student per Instructor
  • All equipment included*


1 - 4 Hours



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Le Morne, Mauritius


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From: $325.00
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