East Coast Historical Tour

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Mahebourg, Mauritius
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A rich stream of stories lies at the very heart of Mauritius. The east coast is undoubtedly one of the island’s most beautiful coastlines, set alongside emerald-coloured lagoons. Beyond its beaches and exquisitely blue waters lies a treasure trove of art and history just waiting to be discovered.

On this tour, we will take you and show you the very best of the east, including a boat trip to the isolated island of Ile Aux Aigrettes.


  • See the Aquatic life in Blue Bay with a Glass bottom Boat Trip.
  • Continue your Boat Trip to Ile Aux Aigrettes Island, home to rare and endemic bird species.
  • Meet with the Locals and taste some of the Island's best street foods at Mahebourg Market.
  • Enjoy a typical Mauritian lunch in the heart of a fishing village.
  • Meet the Seneque family at the Rault Biscuit Factory and discover the making process of their unique biscuit of cassava.
  • Drive on the East Coast Coastal Road.
  • Visit the ruins of the Fort Frederick Hendrick, Hollanders Tower and the remaining Canons at Old Grand Port.


  • Exclusive SUV Transfer
  • Travel in Style with a Pristine, Air-Conditioned Vehicle
  • Expert Chauffeur Guide for a Seamless Experience
  • Convenient Pick Up & Drop Off at Any Hotel or Apartment
  • Boat Transfers
  • Entrance Fees to All Attractions Included
  • Enjoy a Complimentary 500ml Water Bottle per Person
  • Traditional Mauritian Lunch
  • Refreshing Soft Drinks during Lunch (1 Bottle Per Person)


Glass Bottom Boat - Blue Bay Beach

Start your morning by discovering the beautiful aquatic life that thrives in the turquoise waters of the east coast. Our glass-bottom boat tour at Blue Bay Beach will give you the tingling feeling to dive in the lagoon and snorkel up close to the beauty that surrounds you in paradise.

Ile Aux Aigrettes

As the sun continues to rise, let's power up the engines to the charming isolated island of Ile Aux Aigrettes and discover the uninterrupted flora and fauna of the east scene of Mauritius. The park also serves as a home for several rare and endemic bird species, which visitors can spot while wandering through the tranquil forest comforted by melodious sounds. The reptile species include the large, slow Telfairs Skink, several species of ornately coloured day gecko, and a population of non-indigenous Aldabra giant tortoises that were brought to the island to take over the important ecological role of the extinct Mauritian tortoises.

Mahebourg Market

Mahebourg Market stands as one of the most popular and frequently visited markets of the island. For those wanting an intimate look on Mauritian culture and lifestyle, the Mahebourg Market is an essential stop during your holidays. With products ranging from silks and clothes to fresh and locally grown vegetables, the market provides every core item of traditional Mauritian culture.

Mahebourg Waterfront

Although not as exciting as the other places to visit on the Island, Mahebourg Waterfront has a charm of its own which cannot be ignored. Take a stroll across the Waterfront as the sound of the sea and calm serene atmosphere takes you away on one of the most relaxing strolls of your life.

The Rault Biscuit Factory

Nestled on the northern borders of Mahebourg, is a famous biscuit factory able to easily trace its roots back 145 years ago to when it was founded by Hilarion Rault, who discovered and perfected the secret recipe to the most delicious locally produced biscuits on the island.


The whole of the production process of this manioc-based biscuit is open to be viewed by the public, from the weighing of the ingredients to the baking process in huge ovens fuelled by burning sugar cane leaves. At the end of the factory visit, you are offered several different types of delicious free samples from which you can subsequently choose the one to take back home.

The hollanders tower & Frederik Hendrik Museum

Literally translated to “The Towers of the Dutch”, La Tour Des Hollandais was not of Dutch origin but rather of French one. Built during the French colonisation of Mauritius, this tower was used to get a bird’s eye view of the Old Grand Port and the sea, to warn against any attempt of invasion, which were rather common during that period of time since the British were avidly searching to govern Mauritius back in the day.

Old Grand Port

For those enthusiastic about the history of Mauritius, Vieux Grand Port (meaning Old Grand Port), is the exact place for you. Located in the north of Mahebourg, Vieux Grand Port is the site where the first Mauritius settlers landed, several hundred years ago. Moreover, the famous naval battle between the British and French, for the governance of Mauritius, which took place in the year 1810, occurred in this same place.





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Mahebourg, Mauritius

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