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Wonder where the Wifi is weak! The inner south and coastal route of the island is one of our favorite places to unwind and reconnect with nature. On this full-day tour, we will let you experience it.


  • Stop to admire the breathtaking views of Tamarind Falls.
  • Drive by Mare Aux Vacoas, the largest reservoir on the island with a capacity of almost 26 million cubic meters.
  • Discover the Hindu culture & soak in the rich beauty surrounding the sacred lake of Grand Bassin.
  • Stop at Bassin Blanc, the crater of a dormant volcano which helped in the formation of the island.
  • Witness the world famous 23 coloured earth at Vallee Des Couleurs.
  • Savor some authentic Mauritian-fusion cuisine at Vallee Des Couleurs Restaurant.
  • Drive alongside one of the most beautiful roads in the World.
  • Climb a narrow set of stairs at Maconde Viewpoint and get ready to be taken aback by one of the most subliminal views of your life
  • Enjoy the Sunset at Le Morne Beach with a nice cold Phoenix beer / Soft Beverage


  • Exclusive SUV Transfer
  • Travel in Style with a Pristine, Air-Conditioned Vehicle
  • Expert Chauffeur Guide for a Seamless Experience
  • Convenient Pick Up & Drop Off at Any Hotel or Apartment
  • Entrance Fees to All Attractions Included
  • Enjoy a Complimentary 500ml Water Bottle per Person
  • Authentic Lunch at Vallee Des Couleurs Restaurant.
  • Refreshing Soft Drinks during Lunch (1 Bottle Per Person)


Tamarind Falls

Consisting of 7 waterfalls found close together, the Tamarind falls stands as one of the most beautiful waterfall scenery on the island.

Mare aux Vacoas Reservoir

Built in the year 1885, Mare aux Vacoas has the honour of being the largest reservoir on the island with a capacity of almost 26 million cubic meters. he region also takes pride in its constant breeze of freshness as its surrounded by a dense rain-forest of several tropical trees such as eucalyptus, pine and casuarinas.

Grand Bassin Sacred Lake

You will not want to miss a visit to the sacred lake of Grand Bassin while you are in Mauritius. Famed as the largest Hindu temple on the island, this place is more peaceful and tranquil than it first seems. Several devotees are found praying to Hindu deities, offering fruits and light-scent incense, creating a spiritual atmosphere in the calm and tranquil surrounding. Due to the abundance of fruits on sight during the prayers, you can spot the greedy monkeys sometimes sneaking out from the trees to take advantage of the successful situation. Our guide will take you to the Hanuman Statue located on top of the hill. It requires a fairly long climb but offers a rewarding view overlooking the sacred lake with stunning views of the island. Visitors will also be able to see the incredible 108-foot statue of Lord Shiva and Lord Durga, which is one of the biggest of its kind ever constructed in the world.

Bassin Blanc

Bassin Blanc is the crater of a dormant volcano which helped in the formation of the island. To reach this location, we will drive through narrow roads surrounded by dense and lively forests which regularly clears to offer a panoramic view of mountains and villages at the foot of them. Visitors can easily walk to the edge of centre and observe the crater as well as green meeky waters covering the now dormant structure. Surrounded by thick dark trees, the setting of Bassin Blanc is eerily beautiful and sure to give you chills.

La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park

Take a stroll through La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park and feast your eyes upon several attractions such as the world famous 23 coloured earth, as well as numerous majestically beautiful waterfalls. Furthermore, the park also offers exciting activities such as zip lining, quad biking, karting and hiking and guests can book as an add-on.

Lunch at La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park

Time to savor some authentic Mauritian-fusion cuisine. After a stroll in the park, meet Chef Ganessen and his team of cooks and let them surprise you with their exotic dishes.

Baie du Cap Coastal Drive

Baie du Cap Coastal Road was recently honoured by being ranked as the 10th most beautiful road in the world attesting to its worldwide fame and reverence. Drive through this road as you let your eyes feast upon what could be the most magnificent view you will ever get to see. Found in the south-eastern tip of the island, Baie du Cap Coastal Road is located at what is known as “the Tail” of Mauritius.

Maconde Viewpoint

Maconde Viewpoint, is one of the most world famous viewpoints of Mauritius. Above we stated the Baie Du Cap Coastal Road which is ranked as the 10th most beautiful roads in the world, the source of its beauty is mainly due to the Maconde viewpoint. As we park the car along the beach, climb a narrow set of stairs to a platform and get ready to be taken aback by one of the most subliminal view of your life.

Le Morne Brabant

Towering over the south east of the island, le Morne Brabant is the majestically beautiful mountain you might have seen in many internet pictures about Mauritius. This mountain has much cultural and historical significance for the country as it was used by the slaves that would ran away from the whips of their masters and seeked shelter in the caves on the slopes. As the day ends, sit back on the white sand beach of Le Morne, sip on a nice cold Phoenix Beer and enjoy another sunset in paradise before being returned to your accommodation in Mauritius.





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